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A product from the Tsinghua team must be the best
· Founder Shi Kanle (right) and CEO Wu Yili (left) were undergraduate schoolmates of Tsinghua from the 2003 class. Their dormitories were next door to each other. China’s first 3D pancake printer was born during a reunion of them many years later after graduation. A joke that “I will use a 3D printer to make painted cakes” ignited the entrepreneurial passion of the two top Tsinghua graduates!
· The technical development team has about 50 people, of which 16 are Tsinghua graduates, and some are senior engineers from Google. To enable the machine to have better stability and operability, the development team updated the equipment four times and also tested the program’s parameters numerous times. In order to print a 3D pancake of the shape of a teacup mat, they printed more than ten thousand lines to eventually get even and controllable lines.
· The cooking team was led by a chef who used to work for the Mexican embassy in Beijing, and also developed tende beef products and chicken wraps for KFC. He was devoted to creating the delicious MagicPan 3D Pancake.
Company History

Beijing Peter Pan Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1101, Building A, North Tower of Shangdu SOHO, East Bridge Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Website: Customer Service Number: 4009-1015-05

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