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Use the recommended ingredients for the first time.

The recipes will be provided together with the machine.


There may be big granules during first time use if not fully mixed, causing the machine to be blocked during printing. Use a wire mesh to filter the mixture.


When preparing for printing


Do not let the bigger end of the nuzzle (the connector) contact the pulp, to prevent it from sucking back the mixture


The bucket of the mixture must be always vertical, to prevent the pulp from flowing back to the solenoid valve and the withdrawal pump


The pot should be put at a proper height, otherwise it may tremble. After the printer head is put on the ingredients rack, its distance from the pot’s surface had better be kept at 1cm


Do not touch the pot’s surface, to avoid being scalded


When printing


When printing, wait for about 60s to refill. It’s not that the machine is out of order. This is in order to make the outline darker


You can only see the miraculous pattern of the cake after the printing is finished and you have turned the cake


A section of line is printed at the beginning just in order to make sure that the mixture of ingredients can be squeezed out normally during printing


After printing


Remember to remove the bucket for ingredients when turning off the power. Otherwise the ingredients will keep being leaked due to reverse pumping


Charge the tablet in a timely fashion. The screen’s power consumption is over 80 percent. It is recommended to reduce the brightness and set a sleep time




It is recommended to use warm water to wash the mixer by pushing it to let it run several times




Check if the printer head has become deformed due to high temperatures. If so, replace it with a new one

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