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MagicPan 3D Pancake Printer

Rugged and durable: very easy to
operate continuously and stably
Simple operation: adjustable two printing speeds

Rugged structure

Very easy to operate continuously and stably Designed as a gantry structure, the printer is highly stable, to ensure high precision during printing

Two speeds to choose from

The Fast Printing mode is for printing a 3D pancake at a high speed, to ensure printing speed; the High-quality Printing mode is for printing high-quality 3D pancakes, to ensure printing quality

Vivid patterns

The printer automatically plans printing routes, and automatically arranges printing time and baking time according to the depth of color, to make the cakes patterns vivid

Stable operation

There is a feature to prevent reverse suction, making sure that the machine has a long cycle for use

Ingenious design

The mouth of the feeding tube is designed to have the optimal size, so that the machine will not be blocked after several hours of continuous operation

Evenly heated

The baking tray has built-in chips, to ensure that the cakes are evenly heated

Safe and hygienic

The printer uses the imported silicone feeding tube, to ensure safety and hygiene

Foolproof tablet operation

Helping you attract customers through tablet, Bluetooth, very simple operation system

Foolproof tablet
Helping you attract customers through tablet, Bluetooth, and WeChat

· Tablet operating system easy to use for business owners · The Bluetooth function allows you to choose a pattern within 20 square meters using a tablet, so that you can retain a customer coming to your shop to the maximum extent possible · We provid

Customers can place
an order via WeChat
With just one WeChat account,
consumers will be able to order cakes
from you .It's easy and fun

The Chinese-language cake painting system is simple and convenient to use. Consumers can create their cakes and place orders via WeChat, and send them directly to the operating system through the Internet

Recipes developed
by five-star chefs
The system supports recipe delivery enabling you to generate endless profits with your printer

Recipes developed by five-star chefs to attract customers for repeated purchases We provide ingredient suppliers for you to choose from

Selling Process of the 3D Pancakes
Attached: Product SpecificationsEntry Edition for beginners
Physical properties

Measurements of the case


Net weight

About 5kg
Ambient temperature15°-  32°C (60°- 90°F)
Software provided with the machineOperation methodA tablet computer will be provided for free together with the machine, and you can use the tablet to control the machine directly
Operating softwareThe tablet computer provided for free together with the machine is installed with the operating software, which supports operations such as order placing via cell phone, task queuing, and print control; a design app for WeChat is also provided, for consumers to choose templates or to design their own patterns 
Skills requiredStore operators can operate the machine after receiving video training. The temperature of the baking pan is high, so users should take caution; no special skills or computer knowledge are required for the operators

A model is provided with the machine for free

Several cartoon patterns for printing will be provided together with the software for free
*Note: The product is only for commercial and will not be returned or replaced after being sold if there’s no quality issue.

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